How secure are your company’s practices? In this ‘Age of Information & Technology’, it is vital for companies to take every precaution when it comes to cyber security. The best way to locate any vulnerability is through taking the perspective of hacker looking to exploit weaknesses. Our experts are trained, certified, and have broken through the security of some of the biggest organizations in the world. Now they are here to help you strengthen your security.

Our Clients are businesses that:

  • Need 3rd party assessments
  • Have PCI, HIPAA, or other compliance requirements to fulfill
  • Have cloud infrastructure
  • Need help creating plans or a case for cyber security budgets
  • Are considered “Critical Infrastructure”
  • Want to bolster their cyber defenses

Why choose us?

  • Exhaustive experience testing companies across virtually every industry
  • Certifications from the prestigious SANS Institute and Offensive Security
  • In-depth reports with findings, vulnerabilities, and steps for remediation
  • Cost efficiency through a crafted remote testing platform and hardware
  • Long-term cost savings through the pro-active prevention of security breaches

Let's discuss your project!

Perfectly Scoped

All assessments are customized for each client because we believe no two businesses are the same.

Certified Practitioners

We don’t believe in mediocrity. All of our consultants have industry leading certifications through 3rd parties.

Budget Sensitive

Funding is often limited for Information security budgets. We recommend services based on need and budget.

Expert Debrief

Each project concludes with a thorough debrief to ensure our clients understand the discovered vulnerabilities.

Step-by-step Documentation

We don’t hide anything. You will know the tools and processes we used in all successful attacks.

Professional Report

All reports are written to be clear and concise with separate sections written for key stakeholders and technical staff.

1. Scope

A meeting will be set up where our expert can work with an organization to define and create clear objectives, overall scope, and rules of engagement. The organization’s needs and goals are then used as a guide moving forward with the testing process.

2. Gather

Our consultants gathers intelligence and identify company assets.

3. Test

Our techniques simulate an attack to seek any vulnerability within the network. We identify any weaknesses and security breaches to pinpoint recurring problems. Then we will launch manual attacks to attempt to access your key data and vital systems without causing any actual harm.

4. Report

Our consultants create a detailed report which explains the successful attack chains and vulnerabilities discovered. After the report is delivered, we meet with you to explain the results and brainstorm remediation options.

Let's discuss your project!