Core Focus

At Tandem Cyber Solutions, we focus on cybersecurity. Providing a thorough assessment and report to our customers to help them visualize potential vulnerabilities and risk. Our engagements are not outsourced to other companies or countries, they are led by consultants who are U.S. citizens with multiple industry leading certifications and years of experience.

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Services Offered
  • Automated scan using industry preferred software. 

  • Our scan detects and classifies system weaknesses in your computers, network and communications equipment. 

  • All findings are verified by an experienced analyst and outlined in a detailed report.

  • We review your findings together.
  • We use our remote penetration testing appliance to save your project time and cost
  • Testing includes looking for common misconfiguration, default passwords, and unpatched systems.
  • Consultants use the same publicly known exploitation techniques used by real criminals.
  • Consultants build as many unique attack chains as possible in the time allocated.
Services Offered (4)
Services Offered (5)
  • Tests the external footprint of your organization for vulnerabilities which may lead to the compromise of the internal network or sensitive data stores.

  • Testing includes targets such as websites, email servers, and other internet-facing systems.

  • Consultants look for publicly available information about employees, such as leaked passwords.

  • Consultants build as many unique attack chains as possible in the time allocated.
  • A complex assessment that aims to highlight security weaknesses in a web application’s source code, databases, third-party integrations, and back-end network.

  • Special attention is given to often problematic areas such as authentication mechanisms such as cookies, login portals, and session management.

  • We use the OWASP Standard as a guide to maintain best practices.
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Services Offered (6)

  • Most comprehensive service offered.
  • We call this the “security sanity check“; are your security technologies and policies working as expected?
  • The engagement encompasses all technologies that you want included.

    To discuss the specifics of your project.